How to create a To-Do list that works

We have all been there so much to do so little time. You grab that notebook and start writing a To-Do list…and let’s face it most of the time it becomes a compilation of things we never got done.

Because we are all about saving valuable time at Custodian, we compiled a list of tips that will make your To-Do list much more effective:

Write it the night before

Most people experience their productive peak early in the morning. Do not waist the valuable time to start working on your To-Do list, use the time to get the first tasks out of the way.

Qualify the contents

The secret here is to categorise your tasks into the following groups:

Important and need to be done today
Important but can be done the next day
Less important no set deadline
Can be delegated

Assign time estimates

If it is 6 minutes or 3 hours write down the amount of time it would take to complete each of your listed tasks.

Use sections

An effective way of dividing your tasks is to put it in two sections. On the one side a chronological listing of what needs to be complete: meetings, conference calls and appointments. On the other side list what you wish to get out of the task. Like discussing issues or drafting a plan.

The structure mentioned above can be added to this.

Re-evaluate items you’ve put off

If you find yourself continually postponing tasks, examine and find out why. It might be that the task is not as important as initially thought or you need put time aside to address an overdue task.

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