Risks at home when on a romantic holiday

So your bags are packed for that long deserved island holiday and you cannot wait to board the plane.

Looking back at your home most probably makes you think off all the “what ifs”.

We take a look at everything that can go wrong at home while you are on holiday; and most important provide you with a solution.

 Friends are otherwise occupied and cannot look after your home

Nothing is worse than knowing that getting a call from your security service provider or knowing that an item will have to be delivered to your home while you are on holiday; and then finding no one available to be at your house at the required time.

Your pets get sick or depressed

Either the price or environment of a kennel can make you skip the option. Leaving your pets alone at home can however have serious consequences.  Pets often experience separation anxiety, which comes with a list of health hazards, face the risk of being poised-  or they can simply fall ill when you are away.

Insurance hassles come up

Don’t rest easy thinking that your insurance company will have your back when you’re away. Not only does leaving your house vacant make it a target for vandalism and burglary, your home and contents insurance becomes null and void after your home is empty for 30 consecutive days in most cases.

Residential burglary

Your holiday for home buglers imply one thing- prospect. For them, it is a time of opportunity to burglarize your home for cash, credit cards, small electronics, computers, jewellery and easily sold valuables.

Natural or other disaster strikes

Stuff happens! Freak storms, power outages, burst pipes, a fire next door. These are all things that can happen while you’re on a beach in Mauritius.

Custodian Lifestyle Services can prevent all this. We make sure your home is in tip-top shape while you are on holiday, on a business trip or at your holiday home.

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