VIP Protection Services:

It is a well-known fact that travellers are prime targets by criminals frequently followed from the airport to their destination. We at Custodian services recognise this and automatically offer protective airport transfer services, listed below are our specialised transfer offerings:

Professional Airport Transfers – Safe Solution For All Travel

While air-travel is definitely one of the most convenient and enjoyable ways of traveling, it is often ruined by poorly-planned airport transfers.
Custodian Lifestyle Services offers quality airport transfers.

Business Airport Transfers

As a businessman/ woman, you understand the importance of punctuality, safety and efficiency. To lighten the load, we offer quality airport transfers for all traveling business people.

Tourist Protection

You never know what to expect when you travel to another country. Every country has its risks. The same applies to South Africa. When travelling abroad or from abroad to South Africa, bodyguard services are quite important.

Custodian Lifestyle Services offer bodyguard services for your convenience.

Traveling safety

South Africa has its crime issues and therefor security services is important when traveling between locations. Custodian Lifestyle Services provides experienced security agents to keep you on the safest routes and out of harm’s way.

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