Tongue in cheek time saving tips for busy people

Make the freezer your friend
Multiply everything that you cook by four and label then freeze three portions.
The trick is to pop into bags and label before freezing and make sure you use it within a month of freezing. If you have half a day spare to have a big cook-in, you can cook lots of different things and freeze it all. Sacrificing half a day will save you a monumental amount of both cooking and shopping time.  

Cheat cooking can be ok
Take advantage of some modern inventions such as chopped frozen mushrooms, onions and pastry; grated cheese; chopped tomatoes with added garlic and basil; frozen garlic cubes. This is a great time saver and perfectly fine from a nutritional perspective.

Use iron on name labels
Why sit for hours tacking on name labels for your children’s uniforms? There are plenty of excellent companies who supply delightful iron on labels which take a few minutes to iron on and which your children will love.

Shop online and Local
Use the internet to do a monthly shop for all of your dry goods and buy everything else from your local baker/ butcher/ farm/ grocery shop. So much quicker especially as you can save your favourite items and you are less likely to fill your trolley with things you do not really need. Good for your waistline, wallet and local economy.

Dust with a damp cloth
Using a damp cloth will keep surfaces dust free for longer than furniture polish – trust me, it’s true and it’s better for the environment and your pocket. Sorry again Tesco!

Buy a steam iron – Half the time to do the same job. Iron one side of your pillow cases – no one will ever know.Throw your socks into a pillow case and tie a knot when you wash. You won’t waste valuable time playing hunt the missing sock.


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