Why Concierge is growing in popularity

Unlike Dolly Parton’s popular song, Nine to Five, nine to five often turns into eight to six or even seven to seven and so on. We all work hard to prove ourselves worthy and to essentially hold onto our jobs. Our routines turn into all work and no play. Sleep, work, no sleep, work…

Award winning Australian performance artist Stelarc, has managed to grow a third ear on his arm. When will people be able to grow an extra two arms in order to get done with all their work? When will the 24 hour day turn into the 25 hour day, the Bar One commercial advertises?

Sadly, never, unless you want to warp time forever. Concierge services, on the other hand (pardon the pun) makes all of that possible.

What is concierge?

Upon hearing the term, you might think of the helpers carrying your luggage around at hotels. However, many South Africans now have access to concierge services at their homes. You can now have someone wait up for the technician, do your groceries, take your dogs to the salon etc.

These helpers take care of your daily to do list so you can focus on your work and have a little free time to finish your book or just enjoy the sunset with a cocktail on your porch.

Over the past couple of years, the use of concierge in South Africa has grown in popularity due to lifestyles becoming faster and more mobile. People are on the move around the clock and expect things to be done in no time. You put pressure on yourself to do more and be more.

The benefits of concierge

More free time: Waiting for the electrician is a simple task that can turn into hours. With a helper taking care of your household tasks, you will have more time to focus on yourself. Take up a hobby or go for music lessons.

Less Stress: The workload and tasks that need taking care of both at home and at work put a lot of pressure on you. Stress is one of the main causes in declining health, and may see you end up having to take time off from work to recuperate or worse, end up in hospital. Hiring assistance can take a big load from your shoulders.

Healthier lifestyle: Because you are concentrating on work, you often forget to eat properly. You either end up eating junk food at odd hours during the day or skipping meals altogether. Concierge services will free up your time to focus on your health. With the free time, you will be able to fit more exercise in your daily routine and plan your lunches for the week in advance.

Improved concentration at work: Some businesses have started using concierge as incentives for their employees. When your mind isn’t divided up in three or four places, you have more open space to concentrate on our work and bring in the income. Mistakes in the workplace won’t occur as often as it might otherwise.

Whom to hire

Custodian Lifestyle Services takes care of everything from transportation services to your grocery shopping. If you’d like to go to a restaurant for date night, they can make recommendations and bookings in advance. Relax we will take care of it.

Just contact us via Email: enquiries@custodianserv.com or Cell: 072 919 9065 and we will be delighted to offer our professional services.


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